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Realest hard shit from Jada in London . Dblock Europe! Hell yeah #dblockeurope #jadakisslondon #timwestwoodtv Legendary beat! metatags:

The resistence UK london! Fuck N.w.O Fuck The Vaccines. No a las vacunas! No a la vacunación obligatoria. @thefreedomhubuk

REVOLUTION ITS COMING. S/o to our sista Blondie Mar??i?? for the videos, link and information. God bless ya mama. 2022 its the year. Uk rollin with us. our friends from London Uk doing real things. instagram : metatags: scottish cities7 scottish airs7 scottish managers in premiership7 scottish islandsscottish 7 day trialscottish […]